Turf Disease ID

Identification of turf grass disease along with the curative and preventative treatments to keep your property looking its best all year long.

When your lawn goes from looking great to having poor color, slow growth, or an unusual amount of weeds unexpectedly when nothing has changed about how you manage your lawn, you may have a turf grass disease.

Our lawn health experts can identify any and all issues surrounding the health of your turf grass. With an accurate diagnosis, we can then recommend a curative course of action to put your lawn back on track!

Timely and Accurate Disease ID

Timely and accurate identification of turf grass diseases is critical in stopping a downward slide in its tracks. Tap into the knowledge and experience of our lawn health expert by contacting us today! Your lawn assessment is always free.

Common Disease in Bermuda grass of NE Oklahoma

Common Disease in Fescue grass of NE Oklahoma

  • Brown Patch

Disease ID is $45

Disease ID charge is credited back toward any curative or preventative treatment accepted

Curative Treatment

Correcting course when a disease has ravaged your lawn will require curative action. Depending on the disease and its cause, solutions may be as simple as adjusting watering times and durations or as complicated as remediation and treatment. Your dedicated service technician will be able to diagnose your turf grass disease and recommend a curative course of action based on their findings.

Starting at $45

Preventative Treatment

Many turf grass diseases can be prevented. Even the most aggressive of issues, with preparedness, can be slowed or even stopped dead before it starts. Understanding the history of your lawn's health is a true benefit of our philosophy of dedicated service technicians responsible for your property, from soup to nuts.

Clients with previous disease issues on their property, we can provide a preventative treatment plan to minimize and resurfacing of turf grass diseases. These preventative measures will include free cultural adjustments you can make as well as any commercially available prevention methods available to us as licensed applicators.

Starting at $45

We are here to help. You don't have to tackle large and complex issues like turf grass diseases and their cures alone. Click the 'GET QUOTE' button below to contact us for a quick and easy solution!