Soil Amendments

Soil corrections often involve long term planning and testing to make incremental changes. Soil amendments are recommended on a case by case basis, most commonly, upon annual account review of available data.

Soil Tests

We perform soil test on client properties every three (3) years on average. These tests are performed by a third party lab. The first test is performed at the first service for clients who have purchased lawn health services. Results of these tests are the property of Arthurs Turf Management, LLC

Soil test results and new tests are available to clients for a nominal fee. Please contact your Arthurs Turf Management representative for more details.

Starting at $54.95

Soil Biology

This class of treatments include the addition of beneficial bacteria and the necessary nutrients to spur their activity. These applications ramp up the bacterial activity to break down organic waste in your lawn releasing great amounts of nutrients back into your turf grass ecosystem.

Starting at $45

Liming Application

The addition of lime is in place to neutralize acidic soils. Extended treatment of a property is likely to result in more organics in the soil profile and therefore a higher soil acidity measurement. Liming application are very common in Northeast Oklahoma

Starting at $35

Humic Acid Application

Not nearly as dangerous as it sounds, Humic Acids are another common application in lawns. Humics are added to neutralize alkali soils.

Starting at $35