Seed Services

Our seed establishment and overseed services are the best way to guarantee your seed becomes a new lawn.

Our seeding services include complete water and care instructions, no matter the level of service you choose. For those seeking a guarantee of germination, our fully managed seeding services (establishment or overseed) provide you with the same instruction and multiple follow-up visits to ensure growth and development of the chosen grass is progressing. At every stage of this service level, we will communicate our findings and our recommendations to ensure your lawn outshines every single neighbor you least the ones not using us that is!

Oct 4
10 days after TTF seeding

Nov 10
46 days after TTTF seeding

Seed Establishment

Seed establishment is the process of converting bare soil or another turf grass species into the desired variety. Most often in our area, this is an application of cool season turf grass such as Fescue or Rye into a Bermuda grass lawn. Where perennial grass seed is chosen and depending on your lawn's ecology, this can be a permanent transition or a temporary transition (converts back into primarily Bermuda in summer).

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Seed Establishment services start at $275

Overseed Application

Overseeding is the process of applying seed in the same cultivar of turf for the purpose of maintaining color, density, and weed suppression in turf grass.

Most often this service is performed in TTTF (Turf Type Tall Fescue) lawns. TTTF seed is sterile and unable to reproduce. Additionally, TTTF, unlike Bermuda, does not spread. Because of these traits, we recommend that tall fescue lawns are overseed at least every two years in order to maintain the overall health of the turf grass stand.

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Overseed services start at $100

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