Pest Control

We offer a wide range of outdoor pest controls. From nuisance disease carrier pests like fleas and ticks to turf destroying grubs, we have the solution.

Lawn Pest Control

Seasonal protect from all lawn pests including fleas & ticks. Affecting more than 75 species of insects, each treatment provides contact kill and a 30 -45 day residual barrier protection

Starting at $45/treatment


Preventative and Curative treatments work in tandem to eradicate bagworm populations and save your landscape. A two pronged attack timed to bagworm life cycles.

Starting at $60/treatment

Mole / Gopher

A pair of treatments where baits are placed in active tunnels. These treatments are scheduled 7-14 days apart to allow for ingestion and action of the target pest.

Starting at $57/treatment


Systemic insecticides used in this treatment are absorbed by the grub's food source all but guaranteeing ingestion and then elimination.

Starting at $80/treatment

Home Perimeter Pest

Targeting nuisance pests, this insecticide treatment along the perimeter of your home will affect 75+ species of insects including ants, spiders, and scorpions.

Starting at $35/treatment

Fall Armyworms

A devastating pest, fall armyworms come quick and decimate lawns by eating your turf grass from the crown up. Contact kill and 30 day barrier curative treatment.

Starting at $80/treatment

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