Vegetation Control

Manage unwanted vegetation control with either our non-selective herbicide treatments or our ground sterilization treatment.

On any property there comes a time and place where you just don't want grass to grow. Arthurs Turf Management offers two solutions to stop grass growth in its tracks. Ground sterilization is a full season long barrier that stops 99% of vegetation growth entirely. For those with a shorter timeframe in mind, a non-selective application is for you. Generally lasting 30-60 days, these treatments can slow and stop growth of all grass types for a shorter period of time.

Ground Sterilization

Applications of ground sterilant can prevent unwanted vegetative growth for an entire season when applied in March. Ground sterilant applications an not reversible and will stop all growth for 6-8 months from the date of application.

For established growth, it may be necessary to pair a ground sterilant with a non-selective herbicide to kill and then prevent new growth.

Starting at $45

Non-Selective Herbicide Application

The use of non-selective herbicides has its place in proper land management. Most often this application is used to kill established growth in unwanted areas including fence lines, around buildings, and in storage lots.

Starting at $35