Aeration Services

Aeration refers to the extent of air gaps present in the soil.  The more air gaps in the soil, the more opportunity there is for the soil to house nutrients such as water and necessary nutrients.  A poor soil means that more and more nutrients must be forced onto the lawn in order to achieve the same results of healthier soils using fewer inputs.

If your lawn is thin, poor in color, goes dormant in July and August, is slow to green in Spring, feels like concrete, puddles water without absorbing it or simply does not have the rich dark appearance, then your property will definitely benefit from aeration.  By creating a looser, healthier soil, your lawn will not have to expend as much energy seeking nutrition and can spend that time filling in and developing color.  A healthy soil is the most important step to building a sustainable, greener, healthier lawn for years to come.

How do you aerate?

At Arthurs Turf Management, LLC we utilize two types of aeration based upon the needs of your specific property.  Generally, we are able to provide simple liquid aeration for most lawns.  The benefit of liquid aeration is its simplicity.  This translates to cost effectiveness for clients and works well for large properties where mechanical aeration costs may be prohibitive.

We are also equipped to perform mechanical core aerations of large and small properties with both walk behind and tractor mounted units.  This tried and true staple of the lawn care industry is our go-to method for properties where aerations have not been performed in years or where we find heavy clay soils common to new construction in Oklahoma.

In some cases we may utilize both methods in order to maximize effectiveness and to speed up the process of breaking down heavily compacted soils or athletic surfaces.

Will my lawn benefit from aerations?

Residential or Commercial Properties