Commercial Programs
Custom tailored programs to meet the needs of large commercial irrigation systems.

Irrigation System Geomapping
Geolocate every head valve and controller in your system for easy repairs and maintenance

Water Management Program
Monthly inspection plan including water management program and discounted emergency call out fee

Irrigation Services

Experience breeds speed.

Arthurs Turf Management has years of experience working with irrigation systems covering multiple high use acres.  This experience provides a wealth of knowledge that allows us to quickly and efficiently diagnose irrigation system issues.

From small 1/8 acre homesites to 35 acre athletic complexes Arthurs Turf Management's irrigation services provide quick, efficient repairs and maintenance to your irrigation system.

Irrigation System Repair
Emergency call out service

Residential or Commercial Properties

Irrigation System Installation
Professional, complete system design and installation

Irrigation System Maintenance
Winterization, Spring Test & Tune, priority service scheduling and a 25% discount on parts to keep you running

What is a water management program?

Arthurs Turf Management's Water Management Program is a biweekly site visit to your property that includes a full system operation inspection as well as monitoring and adjustment of the irrigation system schedule.  Too often a property owner sets the watering schedule in the spring and leaves it until fall resulting in improper watering of the lawn.  Using our low cost program you can eliminate under watering or over watering your lawn by allowing us to monitor your system.  An additional benefit of this program is that breaks, leaks and other issues are generally found earlier resulting in less damage and a lower water bill.

What brand of systems to you service?

We are familiar with most major brands of irrigation system components.  If we ever find a component we are not intimately familiar with, we have a large pool of resources from which we can get the information needed to complete the job professionally.