Mosquito Control

Don't let biting bugs ruin your evenings.

As carriers of blood borne illnesses, these small flying pests are more than a nuisance.​  Mosquitos are a real threat to your family and pets! 

There is a remedy, however.  Arthurs Turf Management’s mosquito treatments work to stunt and eliminate mosquitoes ensuring they do not return for 30 days.  These treatments are available as both a season long treatment program as well as an individual treatment for those special outdoor events.  Contact us today to receive your free estimate for either our  Mosquito Control Program or our Mosquito Control Treatment.​

Mosquito Control Program

Arthur's Mosquito Program includes complete treatment of your property every 30 days to keep mosquitoes away. Pricing for this program is dependent upon the number of trees, amount and water and the size of the lawn.

Mosquito Control Treatment (Single)

Arthurs' Mosquito treatments are available as needed for those special outdoor events such as weddings, birthday parties and cookouts. Available to both residential and commercial customers, this single treatment will last up to 30 days. We recommend treatment 5 days in advance of your event.