Mosquito Elimination Program
Recurring site visit to manage Mosquito lifecycels
(Recommended for high risk sites, Monthly treatment plan)

1-Time Mosquito Control
Single treatment of all mosquito prone surface

Flea & Tick Treatment
90 day treatment of your turf killing fleas & ticks

Grub Beetle Control
Systemic treatment to eliminate grubs, a common food source for armadillo and skunks.

Pest control from a landscape company?

While it may not seem entirely related, there is a large overlap between outdoor pest control and the overall health and longevity of your green space.  When left unchecked, a pest infestation can obliterate a landscape causing thousands of dollars of damage.

At Arthurs Turf Management, we want to be your complete landcare service provider.  That means we must be capable and successful in addressing any issue that might attack your property up to and including remediation of common outdoor pests.

Since 2011 we have educated ourselves and experimented on test plots to find out what works and what doesn't.  In that time, we have learned a lot and that experience is now at your disposal!

Depending on the treatment, we can often make pest application at the same time as your normally scheduled fertilization & weed control treatment.  This convenience translates to a large savings to you where full property application are concerned.

Commercial Programs
Custom Tailored Fertilization & Weed Control Program​ for commercial properties

Bagworm Remediation Plan
Pre-emptive and continual program to address bagworm moth infestations

Perimeter Pest Treatment
30 day barrier to insects of your homes perimeter preventing entry of spiders, scorpions, roaches and other insects.

Outdoor Pest Control

Mole & Gopher Control
Baiting and trapping of common burrowing pests