What is your Weed Free Guarantee?

Weed Free Guarantee:

We provide free weed control applications between rounds where weeds persist. No questions asked. To remain compliant with Oklahoma regulation, we do ask that you allow a minimum of 14 days from your last service to transpire before submitting a ticket for treatment. We are unable to retreat within 14 days of our last application.

We provide a weed free guarantee on our most popular fertilization and weed control programs. Custom Programs, 1-Time treatments, and ATM4 programs do not include a Weed Free Guarantee. Please review your individual service proposal for inclusion.

All requests for treatment should be submitted via your dedicated client portal to ensure the service request is received and scheduled for the next available route. Click here to access your dedicated client portal login screen.

Do you require contracts?

We do not require written contracts for our service. We do require a digital signature on our electronic proposal as an acknowledgement of the service, terms, and scope of work, where applicable. No job can be scheduled without both a digital signature and a secured form of payment.

What if I want to cancel service?

Cancelling service is as simple as contacting us.

We recommend that service terminations are sent through your dedicated client portal to ensure they are both received and logged into your permanent account record with a timestamp.

Within these communications, we ask that you include the date service should be stopped as well as a reason for cancellation.

We will automatically close your account with us should your account have no active services remaining. Account closure does not release clients from any outstanding financial obligation.

What licenses do you have?

We are registered and regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry (ODAFF) as licensed fertilizer and pesticide applicators (C7698). License renewal occurs annually and proof of proper insurance is required for licensing.

We value our continued ability to provide for our families doing the work we love. We can guarantee our continued ability to do this work by remaining compliant with the laws and regulations of our industry and more specifically, the ODAFF. At times, this may mean services at your property must be adjusted to deal with weather conditions, unauthorized personnel in the application area, or other impediments. At every instance, we will communicate clearly with you on issue at hand. We appreciate your understanding and patience when these issues arise.

Client Requirements

All clients of Arthurs Turf Management, LLC are expected to maintain the following

  • Current & Active Email address on file

  • Current & Active Cell Phone Number (for text notification clients only)

  • Pre-Payment of service OR funded & active Credit Card on file for automatic billing after service.

Unfortunately, if you do not do email we will not be able to service your property. Our procedures and systems in place rely heavily on digital communication.

We require a secured payment prior to service scheduling. Failure to maintain a secured payment method over the course of our business together will result in services being paused with no further services provided until payment is again secured.

Credit Card Security

Annually, our processes and methods of collecting payment information must be reviewed by a third party in order to be certified PCI compliant. We take this certification seriously and are proud to provide our clients with safe, secure credit card entry, storage, and processing. Please take a moment to review the PCI Compliance website to better understand what that certification means.

Our systems are designed for your security in mind. When you enter your credit card information into any document we send, that information is communicated securely and directly to our credit card processor. This direct communication between you and the bank ensures that no Arthurs Turf Management employee is provided access to any of your private payment details outside of those common in identification (last 4 digits and expiration date). As a matter of fact, the only way we can get your credit card details is if you physically provide that information to us.

Your security is our top priority.

What if I want to Pay by Check?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate clientele who wish to pay by check after service.

We recommend that if you wish to pay by check that you consider prepayment of service for the season. Please contact us to discuss this option.

What if I don't want you to have my email?

We respect your privacy and we do not sell or share client info.

An absence of an email address on your account will result in the perception of poor or no communication in relation to any services you receive. We don't want that. You don't want that.

Our processes and systems depend heavily on automations that send email or text notifications to clients at specific points in your program. These communications include service notices, invoicing, receipts, recommendations, and other communications that we are certain you would want. Why hire the Lawn Health Experts if you aren't going to hear what we have to say?

Can you leave a bill after service?

We do not offer 'Leave Behind' invoices on doorsteps. Remaining paperless is a conscientious choice we have undertaken and we remain committed to keeping our environmental impact and expenses reasonable. Recommendations, service details, invoices and other information will be communicated via emails linked to your account.

When do you bill me?

Invoices are available immediately after the completion of service via your client portal. As a courtesy we do email invoice notices shortly after service is provided. Emailed notices will include link to your client portal and basic invoice information.

Text notices of invoice creation are available.

Your full invoice for every service will include an applied chemicals list where applicable. Invoices do not expire from your client portal and act as your service record history and are available 24/7/365.

Lawn Damaging Insects

At times waves of turf grass destroying insects including, but not limited to Armyworms or locusts can pass through an areas causing unsightly damage to lawns. When we become aware of these infestations, we will reach out to affected clients letting you know of the situation, what you can expect, and what we can do to help you fend off these pests.

If you are a client of ours and witness these pests in your neighborhood, please contact us.

All pest controls services requested, but not previously arranged for, are invoiced to your account.

A competitor is offering free fungicide apps for disease control within their program. Will you do the same?

Absolutely! Our Groundskeeper program is what you are looking for!

You know this already, but nothing is really FREE. Every service from every provider on the planet is paid for one way or another. It's either a stand alone service invoiced when completed or an included service paid within a program whether you get that service or not.

Disease remediation in turf grass is no simple task and, unlike insecticides, fungicides can build 'immunity' within the target pest when the same product is utilized year after year. For this reason, we subscribe to a two (2) year cycle of these types of chemicals.

In these cycles, we identify specific formulations and modes of action to target certain fungi that are detrimental to turf grass while avoiding an immunity to their effectiveness. We only use the highest quality commercially available fungicides for preventative and curative treatment of Spring Dead Spot (SDS), Brown Patch, and other common fungal turf grass diseases.

I don't think you put down enough fertilizer at my place.

Not all fertilizers are the same. Depending on the needs of your lawn and the specific fertilizer formulation used, application rates from service to service will vary based upon the intended outcome of the treatment.

As a licensed fertilizer applicator and a steward of the environment, we must balance the needs of your lawn with the environmental impacts overapplication of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphates (N-P-K) can have.

Please also note that if you have a property line that borders a body of water or a drainage system, we will not apply fertilizer on the edges or bottom half of slopes draining toward these features. It is our responsibility to ensure our applications are for your lawn only and do not pollute ponds, creeks, and rivers. For this reason, in low laying areas where water exists or has the potential to gather, you will see minimal or no evidence of fertilization after your service.

In all other cases, please contact your dedicated service technician who can explain the application made, reason for any adjustment and how our best practices may have impacted you most recent fertility application.

My service notice said I was getting one thing, but my invoice shows another. What gives?

No matter how good our plan looks in January, it never fails that Mother Nature throws us a curve ball at some point in the season.

Service notices received by email outline the planned application. It is up to our service technicians to assess your lawn at the time of service to determine if this plan meets the needs of your lawn right now. Variables including water availability, heat, drought, mowing height, and many others can elicit an on the spot change in your program to give your lawn exactly what it needs at that point in time.

If at any time you have questions regarding changes in the application made on your property, please contact your dedicated service technician. As the person making application and overseeing the health of your lawn, they will be best positioned to help you understand why we made specific changes and how those work to the benefit of your property.

Why haven't you scheduled my job yet?

Our field service management system prohibits us from scheduling jobs for clients with incomplete account information.

The following is required for any and all services to fall into scheduling:

  • Email address

  • Signed service proposal

  • Pre-payment or secured payment on file

  • Route availability

  • Accessibility

We require a signed service proposal before any work can be scheduled. Additionally, payment for services must be arranged prior to job scheduling. Payment for services may be prepaid or a credit card can be provided safely and securely (See Credit Card Security on this page) to be kept on file and billed once service is completed. Anther factor in scheduling is availability of service times on routes into your area. Lastly, an inability to service the entire area agreed upon due to a locked gate, pet in the services area, or other unauthorized entrant in the service area, will definitely cause delays.

In any case, please contact your dedicated service technician to resolve any issues that may be delaying the scheduling of your service.

What is a 1-Time treatment

If your proposal states '1-Time Treatment' or '1-Time Application' then this service has been identified as a non-program service designed to address a single aspect of your lawn. 1-Time treatments feature no guarantee of complete success in addressing the issues present.

While these applications may contain any number and combination of fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides, these services are not all inclusive and cannot possibly take into account the vast array of variables necessary for consideration in order to guarantee effectiveness. For guaranteed results, we recommend one of our high performing fertilization & weed control or pest control programs.

Why didn't you complete my service today?

There could be any number of reason for a missed or incomplete service. In all instances, we have procedures in place to notify you by email of the reason for missed or incomplete service. Please review this message for corrective action so that we can complete this service.

In the case of weather related conditions affecting lawn health treatments, there are some specific regulations and product label guidelines we must comply with to remain both legal and ethical in the safe application of fertilizers and herbicides. These include:

  • Cessation of liquid applications in high winds to avoid application drift (generally 15mph or higher).

  • Cessation of liquid applications in rain to avoid runoff and/or dilution.

  • Cessation of specific herbicide application in high temperatures (generally ambient temps of 92F or higher).

  • Cessation of liquid application during temperature inversions (warm air mass under a cold air mass resulting in application drift).

Outside of weather impacting services, we also will cease applications where:

  • Unauthorized persons, including homeowners and their guests, are in the application area.

  • Pets are in the application area.

My service wasn't compeleted today. When will it be rescheduled?

Our lawn health program results depend on timely application of the prescribed plan treatment.

We build routes Monday - Thursday leaving Friday as a flex day. Our flex day is used to catch up missed stops, service new clients coming on board, and to manage our equipment maintenance including calibrations.

Outside of the Spring Rainy season and depending on circumstances it is reasonable to expect your service to be caught up in one of the two Friday's following your missed service. During the rainy season, a missed service can be delayed up to 4 weeks. Rest assured we will complete your service as quickly as we can during this time period.

When rescheduling missed services we prioritize scheduling as follows:

  1. Emergency Services

  2. Weather impacted missed services

  3. On boarding client new services

  4. Client requested reschedules

  5. Locked gate / Pet in service area reschedules