Auto-pay is a simple and effective feature within our client portal that allows clients to enter and pre-approve invoice payment using a single credit card kept on file.  This entire process is PCI compliant.  As a service provider, we do not have the ability to finance jobs for clients and therefore ask for payment at the time of service.  Our model includes daily invoices emailed to clients for approval and payment upon receipt. Unfortunately, delays in payment can result in paused services forcing your lawn to receive ill-timed applications or even miss entire rounds of service.  Don’t let the busy season at work or a family vacation ruin the time and effort you have put into your lawn. Remove the hassle of bill payment after every service. Sign-up for Auto-Pay today in 3 easy steps!

All Done!


Click the Add Credit Card button shown to the right.  A data entry box will pop-up.  Enter your chosen credit card information in this pop-up box.


How to Setup Auto Pay

Review the information entered for accuracy.  Once complete, click YES to the statement: I authorize you to charge this credit card for future invoices.

Selecting YES will allow us to automatically charge your card for accepted services billed to your account.

After completing this process and while your card on file remains active, your billing becomes fully automated.  No more delayed services or reminder emails while you are busy at work or out of town on vacation.


Login to your individual client portal at: Click Here for Link
After you login to your secure client portal, click the link in the right hand column labeled Update My Credit Card.

This link is highlighted and circled in the image on the right.

What is Auto-Pay