Soil Biology Program
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Soil Biology Services

Our program includes affordable and powerful biological micro-organisms that combat compaction, increase nutrient uptake and promote healthier plant growth. The live microbes that are added to your lawn are suspended in humic acid, essential nutrients and minerals and are compatible with any of our fertilization and weed control programs. This product is approved as an organic input.

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The goal of our Soil Biology Program is to create a sustainable, healthy ecosystem in which your lawn thrives.  By creating a black, rich soils you can better ensure your turf grass grows in strong, thick and green.  Creating a balanced soil capable of processing clippings (thatch) into additional nutrient sources is the best way to achieve the green, healthy lawn the neighborhood will envy.

Benefits include:

  • Stimulated root growth
    Deeper root systems mean access to more water and nutrients.  This creates an stronger resistance to heat and drought common to Oklahoma.
  • Increased oxygen levels in the soil
    Oxygen plays a huge role in proper lawn health.  Increased oxygen levels activates soil activity that delivers nutrients to plants.
  • Improved soil structure
    A poor soil structure means much of your inputs (fertilizers, water, etc) are not retained for use at a later time.  Improving this facet of your soil will ensure inputs are ready and available for your lawn when it is needed.

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