Soil Biology Program

Soil Biology Services

The goal of our Soil Biology Program is to create a sustainable, healthy ecosystem in which your lawn thrives.  By creating a black, rich soils you can better ensure your turf grass grows in strong, thick and green.  Creating a balanced soil capable of processing clippings (thatch) into additional nutrient sources is the best way to achieve the green, healthy lawn the neighborhood will envy.

Benefits include:

  • Stimulated root growth
    Deeper root systems mean access to more water and nutrients.  This creates an stronger resistance to heat and drought common to Oklahoma.
  • Increased oxygen levels in the soil
    Oxygen plays a huge role in proper lawn health.  Increased oxygen levels activates soil activity that delivers nutrients to plants.
  • Improved soil structure
    A poor soil structure means much of your inputs (fertilizers, water, etc) are not retained for use at a later time.  Improving this facet of your soil will ensure inputs are ready and available for your lawn when it is needed.

Residential or Commercial Properties