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Commercial Programs
Custom Tailored Fertilization & Weed Control Program​ for commercial properties

What makes our programs different?

At Arthurs Turf Management we believe in a truly holistic approach to weed free lawns.  Our plans are designed around the proven theory of Integrated Pest Management (Pests, in this case, are weeds).  IPM is a multifaceted approach that provides economic control of weeds by utilizing all available control techniques and measures.  In short, it is not just a chemical application that makes a great yard!  Everything from aerations to watering practices to proper mowing heights all dramatically affects the health of your lawn.

At Arthurs Turf Management, we utilize traditional chemical treatments in an environmentally responsible manner to provide a significant impact to the weed population year one.  The second facet of our attack on weeds is mechanical core aeration.  Available as a standalone treatment or as a part of your six, seven, or eight treatment plan, true mechanical aeration of the soil physically breaks up compacted areas and allows the soil to better receive nutrients and water.  This important step invigorates your turf and is critical in achieving a weed free lawn.

Last, but certainly not least are cultural inputs.  The third facet of inputs can vary greatly, but are most generically identified as habitual changes.  From watering schedules to parking in the street instead of the yard to the introduction of beneficial critters to your ecosystem, these cultural changes will help guarantee a weed free lawn.  Cultural change recommendations are communicated to you as they are found regardless of the treatment plan to which you subscribe.  Keep an eye on our facebook page for free tips and tricks as well!

At Arthurs Turf Management, we want to partner with you.  Your lawn is a point of pride and we want to provide you with all of the tools out there to make it the envy of the town.  We know that when you shine, we shine!

4 Treatment Maintenance Program

Premium Comprehensive Fertilization & Weed Control Program

6 Treatment Fertilization & Weed Control Program + Nut Sedge Control

7 Treatment Fertilization & Weed Control Program + Nut Sedge Control + Core Aeration

Residential or Commercial Properties

Fertilization & Weed Control Services