Our most popular plan, the ATM6 expands on the 4-step plan by adding micro-nutrient fertilization, limited growth regulator applications, and Nut Sedge elimination.  ATM6 includes a weed-free guarantee and an at least bi-ennial soil test.


Offering warm season and cool season plans to make the most out of the wide variety of options available to us in our transition zone.

Residential or Commercial Properties

4-Treatment Plan

6-Treatment Plan

Fertilization & Weed Control Services


Designed for budget minded property owners, the ATM4 plan included annual pre-mergent protection and basic post emergent weed kill and basic N-P-K fertilization.


We make your lawn better.

When nothing but the best will do, our groundskeeper plan provides the ultimate in lawn health care.  Building beyond the ATM6, the groundskeeper includes all 4-step and 6-step treatments and adds at least monthly post emergent spot treatments as needed & automatically dispatched, annual liquid aeration, expanded soil biology treatments, FREE pest protection against invasive turf damaging insects such as mole crickets and armyworms and sod web worms, and annual soil tests.