Responsible, Quality

Why us?

Arthurs Turf Management only uses proven, high quality products in our applications.  From OMRI certified soil additives suitable for use in all certified organic farming, to high performing, quality herbicides, we believe that using quality products that work not only reduces our overhead and your costs, but is ultimately safer and better for your property.

As are all legal applicators in the State of Oklahoma, our business and our technicians are regulated by the ODAFF.  

We work hard everyday to provide superb work for our clients.  Our reputation is all we have in this industry and in our community and we cannot afford to compromise that reputation.

Difference Makers

Making lawn health easy since 2011!  Whether your are a single family home, a multi-property owner, or a lawn maintenance company who would like to round out their offerings, we have solutions to make your properties shine easily and quickly.

We are a locally owned small business.  Our technicians/owners  are active community members who live in the areas we service.   On any given day you may see us at your property providing service and then run into us at the grocery store or at a local volunteer event benefiting of our community.

Sometimes this accessibility and small, local feel means big company benefits are missing.  Not so for our clients!

  • Routing forecast weekly
  • Service notices sent every Sunday for the next 7 days jobs
  • Optional Text notices available
  • Electronic billing & auto payment available
  • Unique online client portal to manage single or multi-property accounts.
  • Referral program
  • Complete catalog of spraying services to keep your property healthy and vibrant
  • Safe, secure information processing

We believe in relationships.  Our clients will see the same person throughout their experience with Arthurs Turf Management.  Your service technician will also be your sales rep, your accounting contact, your route scheduler, and our business owners.  Our model ensures your technician is intimately familiar and fully invested in the success of your property while providing you with the security and peace of mind only familiarity can provide.

Small Company, Big Experience

Perfectly suited to serve you

In 2018 we upgraded our scheduling systems to maximize our ability to meet clients needs related to timely service.  Is a Monday service a no go?  No problem!  Need text reminder of services?  No problem!  Have additional properties you want handled while just making one payment?  No problem!  Want a call ahead of service?  No problem!

Our scheduling software allows us to custom tailor schedules to best meet your needs while still allowing us to control efficiency and costs.  Our Master Account system allows people and businesses with multiple properties to view and pay invoices from a single client portal, dramatically easing your payments process.  Speaking of client portals, our secure and individualized client portal provided to each customer is your quick and easy invoice review, account history, and payment processing access point.  This system also allows you to send messages to your dedicated account manager directly, making certain they see your message first thing!